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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you wash the reusable restraint?
    XDcuff® is machine washable and dryable. You can also use bleach but ensure it is thorougly rinsed and dried before use. For restraints that are soiled or highly contaminated, consider disposing of restraint.
  • How strong are the plastic buckles?
    XDcuff® uses one of the strongest Acetal plastic buckles on the market made by YKK®. Disposable Buckle - 250LB breaking strength Reusable Buckle - 450LB breaking strength
  • Can XDcuff® be used seperate from the stretcher?
    Yes! XDcuff® can quickly be removed from the stretcher and used with backboards or stair chairs.
  • Does XDcuff® interfere with daily stretcher operations or cot warranty?
    No! XDcuff® is invisible to the untrained eye underneath the stretcher and does not affect any mechanical functions of the cot. Use or storage of limb restraints on a stretcher does not void the warranty.
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