Customer Testimonials

Dale Grimm

Carle Arrow Ambulance

I wanted to share with you some details of the review process that lead us to choosing to move forward with addition of the XD Cuff System to our Stryker Cots.

We initially shared the link and videos from your web site.
We then requested some samples from you to trial with our crews
We are a Hospital based Ambulance service and will respond to about 38,000 request this year.
We are about 60/40 split between 911 and inter facility transfers.
During the trial we discovered the high value of the XD Cuffs and the ease of use.
We initially received the disposable XD Cuff and later requested the non-disposable and Secure straps
We found the winning combination for our service to be the re-usable XD Cuff with Secure straps
This combination keeps the straps tucked in and out of the way for day to day use of the cot, but available within seconds
No more fumbling around with a bag of stuff that may be missing items and trying to manually restrain a patient while trying to get straps set up
We also felt the reusable XD Cuff would be more cost effective for our situation
After the trial we got XD Cuff set up with our purchasing department and are in the process of putting the system in all of our West division units and will likely transition the other two divisions in the near future. We have a total of 31 ambulances across all of our divisions.

In summary working with David was very easy and we feel the XD Cuff System is a great addition to our EMS toolbox.



Dale Grimm
IT and Systems Specialist

Charles Sloan III, Deputy Chief of Operations

Hennepin EMS

“We have been using the XDcuff restraint system for just about a year now. Our service does well over 80,000 runs and over 55,000 transports per year. The XDcuff system has worked really well for us with regards to durability, ease of deployment, and rapid application. The use of this product has resulted in safer transports for people in crisis and also has worked well to keep our staff safe. We have not seen any type of failure of the XDcuff system, even when applied to the strongest and biggest of people. Thanks XDcuff!” -Charles Sloan III, Deputy Chief of Operations, Hennepin EMS