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Resuable Hybrid Wrist Restraint REF112H

Resuable Hybrid Wrist Restraint REF112H


We are proud to present the XDcuff hybrid limb restraints, an innovative product meticulously designed to meet the dynamic requirements of first responders and emergency personnel.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Connection Mechanism: The XDcuff has been engineered to attach seamlessly to a backboard or stairchair, eliminating the complexity and time-consumption associated with traditional knot-tying.

  • Compatibility with Patented Anchoring Systems: Our design is fully compatible with pre-staged anchoring systems, providing an unmatched level of security for patients being transported on stretchers.

  • Versatile Use: This restraint system is adept at handling a wide range of scenarios. It serves as an effective wrist-to-wrist holder for unresponsive patients, facilitating safe and swift extrication when required.

  • Enhanced Transfer Capability: The Hybrid Wrist Restraint's design ensures that patients can be easily and safely moved between various surfaces without compromising their security or the caregiver's control.

  • Rapid Accessibility: With quick application and release mechanisms, the XDcuff system ensures that emergency personnel can act swiftly, a crucial factor during emergency extrications.


The XDcuff hybrid limb restraints have been developed to meet the demands of patient transport and management during emergencies. Its ease of use, rapid deployment, and secure hold make it an essential tool for any emergency response operation.

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