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Secure, one-time initial purchase (4pack)

Secure, one-time initial purchase (4pack)

SKU: 104
The Cuff Securment Strap (CSS), is desgined to be pernamently affixed to the stretcher. Once they are attached to the stretcher, they are now ready to secure all four cuffs (sold separately REF102,103). Having the cuffs secured underneath the stretcher puts EMS providers at an advantage when emergencies occur. Simply pull the red tab to release the cuff from the CSS and attach to patient. XDcuff®  greatly reduce the risk of injury by reducing the amount of time EMS providers spend with uncooperative patients. Improve treatment and on-scene times when treating confused and agitated patients. Using a standard application plan helps eliminate any confusion on how or where to anchor restraints. Improve safety without the high cost. We developed XDcuff® out of necessity and offer our system at a competitive price.Our innovative design change pre-connects the restraints to the stretcher for fast access and deployment in these emergencies. No more time wasted searching, looping, or tying special quick release knots. Eliminating these steps has proven to greatly reduce restraint times providing for a much safer and more effective work environment.
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